onsdag 18. februar 2015

More Wool

And finally I have taken a picture of the trousers I made during Kid's Clothes Week.

I love that organic wool fleece from Siebenblau. Pockets and ribbing are also wool (Myllymuksut and Anita Pavani).

This might become my favourite fabric and my favourite pattern: from Heilt Spesiell og Jubel's book. Sizes 8 and 4 years.

onsdag 11. februar 2015

Still winter

Winter is long up North. So I still make wool stuff.

This time a new hat for the oldest one. Warm and soft organic wool fleece, inside and out. He loves it.

I used Hamburger Liebe's free pattern. Here. But I cut it out in one piece i.e. I attached the top bits to the base and then cut it out.