onsdag 16. oktober 2013

Rosarødt og litt sprøtt

Jeg fikk en bestilling på et ullsett - genser og longs - med noe rosa og rødt og gjerne litt knæsj i størrelse 92/98. Og her er hva det ble til:

A customer asked me to make a wool set - shirt and leggins/longjohns - size 2/3 years. Red and pink and a little crazy. So here you go:

Mønster: genseres er raglangenseren fra Sewing for Boys, longs er eget mønster
Stoff: Merinoull fra Myllymuksut og Janus
Genseren er sydd med flatlock, longsen har overlocksømmer som er stikket ned (oppover).

Patterns: raglan shirt from Sewing for Boys, my own leggins pattern
Fabrics: merino wool from Myllymuksut and Janus
The shirt is sewn with flatlock seams, the leggins have overlock seams.

torsdag 10. oktober 2013

Project Sewn - The Fashion Era Challange

70's inspired trousers

I love clothes inspired by the 70's. And I made these trousers for a friend who does too - and I don't have any action shots.
Hard to tell from the picture, but these are slightly flared, have a very 70's colour combination and the pockets are made from real 70's vintage fabric that I found in a second hand store.

Pattern: Farbenmix Helgoland, with some changes
Fabric: Elastic cord and rib knit from stoff & stil, 70's bedlinen.


fredag 4. oktober 2013

Project Run and Play week 4: Signature look

I have a little boy who loves cars. And orange. And this orange car sweat knit. And he has grown so much that he needs lots of new clothes. So here is what I made for him:

So why is this my signature style?
I love combining different fabrics, I love colours, I love applications, pockets and those little extras and I love flatlock seams on shirts. And it's comfortable - perfect for running and playing.

I blogged the shirt a while ago. You can find more about it here.