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70's inspired trousers

I love clothes inspired by the 70's. And I made these trousers for a friend who does too - and I don't have any action shots.
Hard to tell from the picture, but these are slightly flared, have a very 70's colour combination and the pockets are made from real 70's vintage fabric that I found in a second hand store.

Pattern: Farbenmix Helgoland, with some changes
Fabric: Elastic cord and rib knit from stoff & stil, 70's bedlinen.



  1. Wow så kul! Nå ble jeg inspirert!

    1. Takk! Og sp kult at noen blir inspirert av mine ting :)

  2. Superkul og veldig meg. En snn hadde jeg puttet på mine barn uten problem. Elsker fargene. :)

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