Project Run and Play - Signature Style

So, it's been a while...
Even though I have been sewing, I completely neglected this blog, so it's about time something happened. The original plan was to sew along for all four weeks of this season. Well... at least I managed to finish the last one just in time. Action pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

So, here it is. Bad picture, little light, but done in time. I made trousers, a shirt and a new beanie for my oldest son who has grown out of most of his clothes during the summer.

When it comes to signature style... I love adding little details to make things more special.

There are small wedges at the bottom of the front pockets.

I used the same fabric to put some piping at the bottom of the legs (and for the cord in the waistband).

And I tried a new style of back pocket. I stole the idea from my E9 climbing trousers and finally figured out how to make these.

The shirt is just a plain shirt with binding in a contrasting colour. A shirt in this fabric was explicitly requested. The same goes for the beanie. It is made of UV-sensitive fabric and turns different colours in sunlight. I hope we'll get a chance to test tomorrow.

Finally - here they are:

You can see the colour change even though there is no direct sunlight.

Pockets from different angles...

And definitely lots of action!


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