Boys' Week

Instead of making one outfit I decided to make some boy stuff I really needed to make this week.

The older one really, really, really needed new pjs. I mean his old ones were about 5 cm too short, both legs and arms... He wanted orange ones, so I made him these from the most deliciously soft merino wool fabric.
I used an ottobre pattern, but made it narrower and left out the divisions and collar and used snaps instead of a zipper. Size 116 (6 years).

Having grown quite a bit, he also needed new underpants, so I cut up some old t-shirts and combined them with those small fabric leftovers yo usually end up with.
I used an ottobre pattern for the first pair (bottom left), but didn't like it that much. So I drafted my own based on some store bought boxers. Size 110/116 (5/6 years).
All of them are sewn with flatlock seams. I love flatlock for things like these - smooth insides. You find a flatlock tutorial on my blog (Norwegian) if you want to find out more.
The little one and I got caught by the flu, so not all of these got hemmed as planned...

A raglan wool shirt size 140 (10 years) for an 8-year-old. I upsized the raglan T from Sewing for Boys.


  1. Så utrolig stilige boxere og klær! Flott produksjon!

  2. What a productive week. I need to make lots of things like this for my oldest too. The pjs look so cozy.

  3. I love those boxers. I wonder if I will be able to find a good tutorial :)


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