Stripes and Dots

Project Run and Play week 2

This weeks challenge was to make a design using stripes and polka dots. I don't have many dotted fabrics, but I do have a lot of stripes. I felt like going a bit crazy, so I included no less than six different fabrics in this hooded shirt.

Someone likes his new shirt!

I found a very interesting history of dots in fashion when I was surfing for ideas for this project.

Pattern: Farbenmix Xater (slim version), size 116
First time I used this pattern and: I like it! As usual I made the shirt a couple of centimetres longer.
I thought the way the sleeves are assembled in the pattern was rather awkward though (with double sleeves all the way up, sewing them together before putting them on the shirt...), so I found my own way. Here's the tutorial!.

Fabrics: blue-brown organic interlock (Lin&Papir), organic dot interlock (Spoonflower - Hamburger Liebe), turquoise-white Campan jersey, three stripy jerseys (Myllymuksut)


  1. What a fun sweatshirt! I love all of the color and the combinations of fabric. Very cute!

  2. he looks so happy!
    so good when they love what we create.

    both sleeves are legit then? as in the stripe goes all the way to the shoulder seam?
    was going to do something similar this week and wasn't sure of another way.

    1. The stripes do not go all the way. It was what the pattern wanted me to do, but I felt it was a waste of fabric and made assembling the shirt more complicated than it needed to be.
      I have a couple of store bought shirts of this type and had a look at how they were made and came up with the version I describe in the tutorial I linked to at the bottom of the post. (How to sew double sleeves...)

  3. Kjempefin genser du har sydd. Fint med unikeklær. Ha en fin helg

  4. i like how both sleeves have a similar but different stripe

    1. I love these two stripy fabrics together too. Not the first time I use them together.


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